<H1>3d properties offer a three dimensional or 3 d, 3d visualisation service of houses and property of all kinds available to architects, estate agents and property developers</H1> To view a 3d virtual tour or 3d view of a house or property use a 3d film or 3d animation to display it to your customers. This is the future of marketing and you can be among the first to benefit. <P>If you want to obtain a more current browser, check out either Microsoft’s <A HREF="http://www.microsoft.com">Internet Explorer</A> or Netscape’s <A HREF="http:/ /www.netscape.com">Navigator or Communicator</A> products!

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3 dimensional house

To download the Apple® QuickTime™ plug-in, please click on the link below.

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Service 1

Service 1 is the modeling of your property to whatever degree required and then filming, as the virtual camera looks around and into the property.  This film is produced in either “Windows”™ or “Quicktime”™ format for convenient viewing on computer. It is delivered to you or hosted by us for your convenience.

Each film format has its advantages and we will help you chose the one best suited to your requirements.  Windows™ media films can be more immediately viewable but “Quicktime”™ films allow the customer to interact better, controlling the action as if grasping the model itself.

Price will depend on the complexity of the model, particularly if there are gardens involved.  All of the work is done by ourselves, once you have sent the pictures and the sketch plan.         

The model will look almost exactly like the property to be marketed and will be instantly recognisable to the vendor and purchaser alike.

There is no contract nor any hidden extras - you can use us just once for a particularly impressive property without any commitment and we can offer a feature-packed web page with multiple animations for very little extra cost.

House pictures
House floorplans
Animated gif representing 3d film

This is not a ‘film’ but an animated gif for illustration purposes only.

An example of a film using “Quicktime”™

This film might take a few minutes to download.

Please click and hold the slider to move the film forwards and backwards.

Further examples of films hosted by 3D-Properties.co.uk   Click on the picture to view.

Sample2 Sample3
GranaryLookaroundimage1 GranaryLookinsideimage1

If you are unable to view any of the video above, your computer may not be equipped with “Quicktime”™. Please click on the doorway picture on the right to view an ordinary “Windows Media Player” example.


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