<H1>3d properties offer a three dimensional or 3 d, 3d visualisation service of houses and property of all kinds available to architects, estate agents and property developers</H1> To view a 3d virtual tour or 3d view of a house or property use a 3d film or 3d animation to display it to your customers. This is the future of marketing and you can be among the first to benefit. <P>If you want to obtain a more current browser, check out either Microsoft’s <A HREF="http://www.microsoft.com">Internet Explorer</A> or Netscape’s <A HREF="http:/ /www.netscape.com">Navigator or Communicator</A> products!

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To download the Apple® QuickTime™ plug-in, please click on the link below.

Q.   With “Service 1” What do I need to provide?                               INSTRUCTION SHEET

A.   1. A reasonable photograph of each aspect of the house (front and back if terraced).  If there is           an obstruction, then two photographs will be needed to look around the obstruction.  Most                clients provide all of the pictures they have of a particular property.

       2. A floor plan or sketch plan for each floor and (if required) any information about any changes             of floor levels.

Q.   With “Service 2”  I have Google Earth™ and I cannot see any buildings.                              

A.   1. Buildings are one of the many layers to Google Earth™.  You have to have an up to date                    version of Google Earth™ and check the buildings icon.

    2. At the moment, the Google Warehouse™ plugin needs to be downloaded separately although this will change. There is a link to this plugin at the bottom of “Service 2” page.

Q.   With “Service 2”  How much information can you display?                              

A.   1. Buildings are held in the Google Warehouse™ to ensure there is not “information overload”              to the viewer on his/her machine. The building shows as a picture with eg. Name and                        address of business, contact names, telephone numbers, hours of opening etc.

    It also contains search engine tags and a link direct to your website!

    The viewer could leave at that point or chose to download it on to the surface of Google Earth™, where it will appear in its exact location.  The viewer can get a good look at the building so he/she is confident they will recognise it while driving past at 30 mph! They can find the nearest car park or railway station and get a good idea of the distances involved.


We welcome any contact from a potential customer, as we aim to serve to the best of our ability and if you have a question, then it is likely that another interested party has the same question.

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