<H1>3d properties offer a three dimensional or 3 d, 3d visualisation service of houses and property of all kinds available to architects, estate agents and property developers</H1> To view a 3d virtual tour or 3d view of a house or property use a 3d film or 3d animation to display it to your customers. This is the future of marketing and you can be among the first to benefit. <P>If you want to obtain a more current browser, check out either Microsoft’s <A HREF="http://www.microsoft.com">Internet Explorer</A> or Netscape’s <A HREF="http:/ /www.netscape.com">Navigator or Communicator</A> products!

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3D-Properties was established as the increased availability of broadband internet services allowed the routine downloading of large files.  As the availability of these services continues to increase, the use of 3 Dimensional objects will replace the use of pictures in many applications.  3D objects can be viewed as VRML or filmed in various formats. At 3D-Properties we recommend the use of “Quicktime”™ video, due to its engaging slider control.

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Our Values

Innovation: At 3D-Properties, you receive the kind of quality and service you expect from a market pioneer. Our company is always evolving, as the needs or our customers change and as new opportunities are created in the market. You can rest assured that, working with 3D-Properties, you will enjoy the latest services, technology and developments in the industry.

Teamwork: We make it our responsibility to know you and your business. We work closely with you to ensure that the solutions we provide are tailored to meet your unique needs and challenges. We are committed to your success so that we might build ours.

Customer Relations: At 3D-Properties, our highest priority is satisfied customers. You are important to us and you can expect us to go the extra mile for your business. Superior customer service is the hallmark of 3D-Properties. We are proud to serve you and work hard to earn your business.

To download the Apple® QuickTime™ plug-in, please click on the link below.

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