<H1>3d properties offer a three dimensional or 3 d, 3d visualisation service of houses and property of all kinds available to architects, estate agents and property developers</H1> To view a 3d virtual tour or 3d view of a house or property use a 3d film or 3d animation to display it to your customers. This is the future of marketing and you can be among the first to benefit. <P>If you want to obtain a more current browser, check out either Microsoft’s <A HREF="http://www.microsoft.com">Internet Explorer</A> or Netscape’s <A HREF="http:/ /www.netscape.com">Navigator or Communicator</A> products!

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To download the Apple® QuickTime™ plug-in, please click on the link below.

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In response to customer requests, we also provide additional services.

We offer 2D “Two dimensional” Floor Plans to order at competitive prices and deadlines. Our standard level of service normally returns floor plans to you for approval within 24 hours and if needed, we can usually return within the hour!

Our floor plans are to your design specifications and we can duplicate any previously used style for a seamless transition. Our floor plans are accurately drawn to scale to the nearest inch or within 6”, depending on the measurements that are given.  If the broader tolerance of 6” is not achievable, then we contact you immediately to explain why the measurements given need to be changed.

All you need to do is fax us a sketch with room measurements - it couldn’t be simpler!

[n.b. The examples shown below are greatly reduced for illustration purposes only]


Other services offered by 3D-Properties include 3D images derived from 3D models.

Images can be provided of virtually anything that can be imagined, to any size required :- from web pages to large scale printing.

These are often required when animations are not.  They are normally provided for little extra charge when animations are ordered but if required without animations, are charged at a similar rate.


As well as 3D Panorama animations available as part of our “Service 1” provisions, we can also offer “wraparound panoramic photographs” and “wraparound panoramic 3d scenes” as an additional extra, for a complete marketing service.

These wraparound views are often used internally but provide warped images of internal features but are very effective when used for external long distance views.


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